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Marca REV'IT
Modelo Outros
When the sun is burning hot and the temperature rises, just open the VCS|panels on the front of the jacket to direct more air toward your body. On top of that, the VCS|zippers on the lower arms and legs can be opened to direct more airflow to your arms and legs. In case of a sudden downpour, the detachable and waterproof hydratex®|G-liner will block out any wind or water. The water-resistant pockets will also protect your belongings from any unwanted moisture. Additionally, we added integrated multiple panels of reflection in the design of the outfit which will keep you more visible in bad weather or darkness. When the temperature plummets, or you’re climbing in altitude, the detachable thermal liner will keep you warm and comfortable. With a wide range of adjustable straps on the sides, arms and legs, you can adjust the outfit to get the perfect fit for your body. The grip patch on the trousers’ rear end will make sure you won’t slip or slide off your seat when climbing up or ascending steep terrain.

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